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Mirus Atelier

Ruby Signet Rings

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The perfect signet ring captures the absolute essence of simplicity.

The ring was cast from a one-of-a-kind, handmade wax carving, and the ruby was repurposed from an antique Victorian ring.

The ruby is gypsy set into gleaming solid brass that has not been hollowed out, giving this ring a lovely weight when held or worn.

A jewel that's built to last the test of time, that does not follow trends but instead is an object d'art.   A powerful talisman to carry with you each day, to fill with intention, so effortlessly chic.  

Ruby is a powerful gemstone that ignites the soul and brings fire back into your life.  It has a rare energy.   It is the inextinguishable flame known to symbolize the sun and make its wearer immortal. 

Materials: Ruby, Solid Brass