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Labelmaker Bitters


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Dobbs Ferry local! Add some pizazz to your at-home cocktails.  

Liquid Courage: Spicy habanero and peppercorn slightly cooled by refreshing bell pepper and cantaloupe. Throw a couple of dashes in your margarita for a bit of a kick, or cut right to the chase and top off that shot of tequila

Pink Ink: Grapefruit & lime citrus bitters with Himalayan salt and rose hips. A bright and refreshing addition to your favorite cocktail or club soda. Recommend with: Negroni, Martini, Ales & Pilsners

Midnight Oil: Coffee & walnut bitters with hints of cocoa, clove, allspice, and agave. Perfect addition to a nightcap when burning that midnight oil. Recommend with: Old Fashioned, Manhattan, Stouts & Porters

Fall Fuel: A bourbon-based bitter made with autumnal staples like apple, cinnamon, pecan, cranberry, roasted pumpkin seeds, and more.