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Lil Loom Weaving Kit

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If you can’t handle cuteness, then stay away from this loom!

The Lil Loom Weaving Kit is our newest - and most miniature - approach to weaving on a frame loom. Designed for beginners of all ages, the Lil Loom is the perfect tool for keep your hands busy with a new skill without committing yourself to a large project. The Lil Loom comes pre-threaded with full illustrated instructions, which means that you can weave as soon as you open the box!

Make lots of little weavings and adorn your world with them, or complete your weaving and display it on the Lil Loom itself - an easy and hands-on way to make your new favorite ornament or tiny wall decoration.

All necessary materials are included. All you need is a pair of scissors and a creative spirit.

What’s inside:

-Custom designed wooden Lil Loom, pre-threaded, 3” x 3”

-a selection of six of our favorite yarns*

-tapestry weaving needle

-additional cotton warp yarn for your next project

-full illustrated instructions