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Hogwash! Stain Removing Soap

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Via SallyeAnder's website,
  • 3-IN-1 MULTI-PURPOSE BAR: Fights stains, scrubs grime off hands, and mixes with water to use as a laundry treatment. If you need it clean, just say Hogwash
  • STAIN-REMOVING POWERHOUSE!: Made to wash clothes, carpets, upholstery, car interiors, quilts—you name it! Effective against: grass, grease, coffee, tomato, wine, ink, mildew, pitch, gum, and much more...We have an enormous list of testimonials that even we find hard to believe.
  • HARD-WORKING HAND SCRUB: Calling all gardeners, mechanics, and kids! We make Hogwash! with tons of glycerin, so you can scrub all day without drying out your skin.
  • ALL-NATURAL AND EFFECTIVE: Made with 100% hypoallergenic ingredients, pure essential oils, and scrubbing cornmeal. Hogwash!™ is hard on stains, but gentle on fabric and skin. We never use bleach or other synthetics. Follow three simple steps to remove stubborn stains-even ones that have been through the wash!

Once you try our Hogwash!™ your whole life will be a little easier and a lot cleaner! Our BIG chunky bars last and last! Try it on your toughest clothes stains. It’s an excellent hand scrub for gardeners, mechanics, and kids. And, because of the high glycerin content, you can wash several times a day without drying skin, and it really works to get dirty hands clean! Hogwash!™ is an astonishing stain remover for laundry, carpet, upholstery, car interiors, quilts – you name it! It will remove: grass stains, tomato sauce, mustard, grape juice, bubble gum, blood, tar, ink, mildew, and pitch- we have an enormous list of testimonials that even we find hard to believe.

Hogwash!™ is a combination of all the different bars of soap we make mixed with cornmeal. The cornmeal is organic and locally sourced from Wild Hive Farm and will not accumulate in pipes. The colors are purely aesthetic!  Get two chunks – one for the laundry room and one for the sink. It’s so unique that others have tried to copy it, but there is only one true Hogwash!™ from SallyeAnder.