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Reika Studio

EVA • Handmade Gold Knot Tinted Glass Bead Earrings

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WHAT IT IS: Beautiful and unique earrings featuring a large transparent smoked glass bead on a golden knotted stud earring. 

WHERE IT'S MADE: Designed and handmade with attention to detail, through a zero-waste process in my studio in Highland Park, Los Angeles.

MATERIALS USED: Glass and high-quality gold-plated brass.

PRIMARY COLORS: Pretty pale mustard yellow, grey-blue & gold.  

SIZE: Total length is about 1.7 inches/4.5 cm.

PLEASE NOTE: The beads used in these earrings are made of glass and are therefore fragile. Handle with care! Slight color variations may exist due to different screen settings and calibrations. Please keep away from moisture, lotions, and perfume. Wipe clean with microfiber cloth.