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Masha Tea

Tea Bags

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Each box with 12 pyramid tea sachets in sealed envelopes.

Fair trade earl grey tea from the darjeeling and assam regions of north india.  Tastes: warm, uplifting, hint of bergamot.  Caffeine? yes

Japanese kukicha green tea. Tastes: bright, savory, fresh. Caffeine? yes

Fair trade darjeeling black tea. Tastes: classic darjeeling, delicately floral. Caffeine? yes

Vermont grown peppermint tea. Tastes: refreshing, sweet, cooling. Caffeine? no

Vermont grown lemon balm. Tastes: lightly tart, grassy, herbal. Caffeine? no


tea boxes are made with material which is certified by the forest stewardship council (FSC).

the tea bags themselves are compostable as are the envelopes surrounding them.